What is External Wall Insulation?

External Wall Insulation involves fixing insulation materials to the outer surface of exterior walls thereby wrapping the house in an insulating ‘blanket’. The insulation is then covered with a maintenance free render giving your property an additional protective layer and fresh new appearance. Our solution is available in over 800 colours, giving you the option to update and improve the look of your property while making it more energy efficient.

Up to 35% of heat loss from the average home escapes through wall spaces if not properly insulated. External wall insulation offers by far the simplest and most reliable solution for improved insulation performance. By wrapping your entire home in a consistent layer of insulation heat loss is dramatically reduced saving on heating costs which account for 75% of the average household energy bills. It is suitable for old and new buildings, individual houses, apartments and non-residential buildings. Installing External Wall Insulation is the biggest contributor to improving your BER rating.

Grant Info

StarSystem EPS Build

  • Baumit StarTop/SilikonTop– topcoat render
  • Premium Primer- primer
  • Baumit StarContact White – adhesive & basecoatmortar
  • Baumit StarTex– reinforcing mesh
  • Baumit STR U 2G – screwed anchor fixing
  • Baumit StarTherm – EPS insulation board
  • Baumit StarContact White – adhesive & basecoat mortar

Why choose external wall insulation?

  • External walls are not insulated or badly insulated
  • External walls are not weather-tight resulting in draughts/heat loss
  • Your home is cold and prone to condensation/mould
  • You would like to improve the exterior appearance of your property

Benefits of external wall insulation

  • Improves your BER energy rating
  • Significant reduction in heat loss
  • Saves on heating bills (up to 30%-40%)
  • Weatherproofs the property
  • Eliminates condensation, mildew and mould
  • Prevents algae & fungi growth
  • Gives building exterior a fresh new look
  • Low maintenance & long lasting
  • Minimum disruption as works are external
  • Superior to internal wall insulation solutions
  • No reduction in floor space as is the case with internal insulation
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